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Everyone has to start somewhere, but this just isn't something needed to fill up the Newgrounds vault. It doesn't need to look good to stay, as long as there's something worthwile about it.

Hilariously familiar

Probably the funniest part about this series is that every group that's ever played this (including mine) has an Orange. I dont know how many times I nearly died laughing at my friends playing this game and these flash films just bring it all back. Rina-chan is great as usual, and the facial expressions, the eyes of the princess, or Orange seeing the deer in Troll-Boss, just makes my day. Keep up the epic work.

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Very cool game. Neat style, fun way to pass time. Any1 know where to get the music? PM me! Got the theme stuck in my head, but can't get it on my Ipod.

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Stunning, as always... Think it helps that you make your music to express emotion, whilst I listen to it to tap into mine, a sort of mental/emotive bias. But all the same your talent can't be denied. Glad I've been able to grow up listening to your music. I'm certainly a better person for it. It's still weird to look at where I am now, and where I was when I found you, all those years ago, back in school...... I've been lucky to have you Phyrnna, to listen to, to listen with, feel with, grow with.

Keep posting, don't leave me anymore dry spells than you have to ^_^ though now that I'm on my own I understand why the happen more.

I'll be listening. As always ;)

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Don't mind me, just another 5 star review coming through. Did Mattihew mention it was awesome?

Please.... just.... more.....
Lol, but really, you have a unique and talented touch to your songs, especially your lyrical colab's. I know Newgrounds takes a back seat to Life in general, Lord knows I wouldn't be able to contribute much to this epic website. But at least let me audio-stalk you more? :) Can't wait to hear what you come up with next!

Shanath responds:

I've been busy for a few months now so it's probably gonna be a while until I post something new. Thank you for the compliment though! Hope to come up with something good sometime!

College, Army Contract, want to dedicate my life to other people. Seemingly passive, unassuming, but with a deep emotional core my closest friends, family, loved ones, and fellow audiophiles know. Love music, writing, shooting, cosplay, quiet reflection.

24, Male

U.S. Army cadet

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